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The Club


Grow your business, create better content and grow your community.

Join our community of successful media entrepreneurs for tactical advice from world-leading experts to ice breaker meetups and forum.

IMC Pages – The Club – global network

A global network of media entrepreneurs.

Now more than ever digital media leaders need to work together to share best practices, support and mentor each other, and share ideas from around the world.

IMC Pages – The Club – connections

Build direct, meaningful connections.

This is not a course curriculum. There will be tons of great scheduled content, but our primary focus is on building direct connections between founders that last a lifetime.

What To Expect

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Digital Media Leaders

Connect with fellow successful digital media and publishing entrepreneurs across a rich variety of niches.

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Mastermind Placement

Join an online mastermind to be matched in a group of publishers with complementary goals and experience.

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Exclusive Online Forum

Get access to a private, moderated forum to share insights, learnings, and support one another.

How To Join

The Indie Media Club is an invite-only, private, paid membership for established digital media leaders and entrepreneurs.

Not because we want to be snooty about it, but because we want the experience to live up to your expectations and ours.

We have a financial requirement in order to ensure that when you join, you’re surrounded by other successful and established leaders.

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Complete The Form

Our application process is designed to ensure the Indie Media Club is the right fit for you, and you for us.

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Schedule A Call

We’ll invite you to schedule a call that ensures you’re surrounded by others growing real media businesses.

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Hear Back From Us

You’ll hear back from us within 48 hours with a final confirmation, and if successful, we’ll get you all set up.

  • Include some links (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, personal site, etc.)
  • $ USD
  • We’re protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.