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10 Best Content Distribution Software In 2023

Content marketing has changed dramatically over the course of the last few years. Nowadays, posting high-quality content on your company’s blog is not enough to attract a large audience. If you want to maximize your organic reach, you have to repurpose that content and share it on other channels that can attract readers, such as email, media outlets, or social media. 

Fortunately, you can use content distribution platforms to share your content on multiple channels at once. This software saves you from going through the hassle of logging into all the platforms you want to use, and it increases your chances of placing your content in front of the right people, at the right time. 

Read my review to discover the best content distribution software you can use to reach multiple channels, fast. My review includes a brief description and a screenshot of each tool that made my list, along with a comparison chart to help you decide which solution would be a fit for your business. 

Software Shortlist 

Here’s the list of the best tools that I’ll cover in this article.

  1. StoryChief
  2. Paperflite
  3. Buffer
  4. Widen Collective
  5. The Juice
  6. Hootsuite
  7. Templafy
  8. Contently
  9. Outbrain
  10. Purple DS

Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best content distribution system? Here’s a summary of my evaluation criteria: 

  1. User Interface (UI): I look for tools that have clean, straightforward designs. Your team has enough on its hands already, they shouldn’t waste time trying to find the right functionalities to do their jobs. 
  2. Usability: I look for simple solutions, so everyone can use them. Your team should be able to make the most out of each tool after a short onboarding process. 
  3. Integrations: I look for tools that integrate with the other apps in your technology stack, so they’ll make your team’s work easier. 
  4. Value for Pricing: I look for software that enables you to access your most valuable channels with ease, so you get a good return on your investment. 

Content Distribution Platform: Key Features

Here are a few of the primary key features I look for when selecting the best content distribution software. 

  1. Planning & publishing - The content distribution tool should help you plan and publish content across different channels. 
  2. Content customization - The solution should enable you to repurpose your content into platform-specific formats, such as carousels, Stories, etc. 
  3. Communication and collaboration - The software should enable your team to revise, comment, edit, and review the content before sharing it. 
  4. Engagement notifications - The solution should send you real-time notifications when someone interacts with your content, so you can respond to comments and build an engaged community. 
  5. Analytics & Reporting - The platform should help you gather data about your content and use that data to build reports you can share with your team, company executives, or stakeholders. 

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Overviews Of The 10 Best Content Distribution Software Solutions 

Here’s a brief description of each content distribution app to showcase each tool’s best use case, some noteworthy features, and screenshots to give a snapshot of the user interface. 

1. StoryChief - Optimize your content for SEO before sharing

storychief content distribution software screenshot
StoryChief helps you optimize your content for SEO before sharing it on multiple channels.

StoryChief is a popular content marketing tool that helps teams optimize their content for SEO and distribute it on multiple channels from a central location. The software has a nice interface that’s easy to navigate and makes it easy to plan a multi-channel content marketing strategy. 

One of the things that make StoryChief stand out from its competitors is its SEO content creator. The creator gives you actionable advice on how to improve your content before publishing it, and it allows you to bring in collaborators to improve the content. 

StoryChief integrates with a variety of tools, including Unsplash, Google Contacts, Buzzsprout, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Soundcloud, Medium, Salesforce, and email marketing software. 

StoryChief costs from $90/4 users/month. You can access a free 14-day trial and book a demo. 

2. Paperflite - Track your marketing performance with email gates

paperflite content distribution software screenshot
Paperflite helps you keep track of user engagement across different content distribution channels.

Paperflite is a content management and sales enablement software that helps teams organize and distribute their content. The platform enables you to track how your audience interacts with your assets and get insights on what works, what doesn’t, and where your leads come from. 

The highlight of using this solution is its ability to create email gates for your assets. This helps you keep track of who interacts with your content and offers valuable metrics - views, downloads, average time spent - you can use to improve your marketing efforts. 

Paperflite integrates with multiple tools, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Eloqua, Klenty, and Pipedrive. 

Paperflite costs from $50/user/month. You can access a free demo. 

3. Buffer - Improve your social media engagement with automation and personalized suggestions

buffer content distribution software screenshot
Buffer helps you plan your content distribution strategy ahead of time with a calendar view.

Buffer is a social media management platform that enables teams to repurpose content and drive engagement across multiple channels. The platform’s automation features make it a great choice for those who don’t want to waste their time formatting their posts for different channels. 

One of the best things about using Buffer is its ability to learn what works for your target audience and make personalized recommendations. The solution gives you examples of posts that worked for you in the past for each distribution channel to help you boost your engagement. 

Buffer integrates with dozens of solutions, including Canva, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Zapier, Quuu Promote, Google Analytics, and Feedly. 

Buffer costs from $5/social channel/month. You can access a free 14-day trial. The platform also offers a free-forever plan with limited capabilities. 

4. Widen Collective - Speed up your publishing process with templates

widen collective content distribution software screenshot
Widen Collective enables you to speed up your publishing process with templates.

Widen Collective is a digital asset management (DAM) platform that enables teams to create, review, and distribute content in good time. The solution allows your team members to collaborate on assets and track your content marketing efforts in performance dashboards. 

Widen Collective helps you speed up your content creation process with pre-approved templates. You don’t have to waste time structuring every asset you publish. You can collaborate with your team to build a model and use that model for every piece of content you send into the world. 

Widen Collective integrates with many popular apps, including Slack, Drupal, Salesforce, WordPress, Hootsuite, and Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Widen Collective offers customized pricing upon request. You can access a free demo. 

5. The Juice - Share your assets with B2B marketers and sales professionals

the juice content distribution software screenshot
The Juice helps B2B companies place their assets in front of a community of B2B sales and digital marketing professionals.

The Juice is a B2B content marketing platform that wants to revolutionize how B2B marketers and sales professionals consume great content. The platform offers its community curated recommendations of digital assets based on their interests, so they won’t have to scour the internet to find every relevant press release or blog post.  

As a B2B business, you can partner with The Juice to deliver content to a qualified audience and increase brand awareness. You can also track the performance of your assets on the platform. 

As a content marketer, the best thing about using this platform is that you can find relevant assets in your feed without having to interact with content gates, sponsored content, or marketing campaigns.  

You can join The Juice for free. 

6. Hootsuite - Organize and monitor your marketing efforts from a centralized location

hootsuite content distribution software screenshot
Hootsuite helps you monitor all your social media feeds in one place and track topics that are important to your brand.

Hootsuite is one of the world's most popular social media management solutions. The platform helps teams expand their reach by making it easy to share posts across multiple social networks. 

Even though Hootsuite helps you manage every aspect of your social media presence, the best thing about using it is its ability to organize your content promotion. Keeping track of your paid media efforts - PPC marketing, influencer marketing, paid content promotions, retargeting, etc - can be difficult. But Hootsuite helps you save time by allowing you to create and monitor all these efforts, along with your earned media and owned media, from a central location. 

Hootsuite integrates with a lot of tools, including Salesforce, Zendesk, ReviewTrackers, Panoramiq Multiview, and Talkwalker. 

Hootsuite costs from $49/user/month. You can access a free trial for 30 days.

7. Templafy - Internal content delivery solution 

templafy content distribution software screenshot
Templafy gives all your employees access to on-brand procedures, images, models, and charts.

Templafy is a content management solution that enables businesses to distribute content across their organization directly in the apps their teams use for their work. This helps your team members gain instant access to the latest versions of your documents without wasting time looking for them. 

The highlight of using this solution is that it allows users to access on-brand materials, no matter which app they use. As a result, your team will save time because they won’t have to look for assets, and their work will look and feel consistent, whether they create a slide presentation or a spreadsheet. 

Templafy integrates with a variety of apps, including Unsplash, Pexels, OneLogin, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and Box. 

Templafy offers custom pricing upon request. You can access a free demo. 

8. Contently - Improve your content marketing efforts with the help of a global talent network

contently content distribution software screenshot
Contently’s insights help you understand how your audience interacts with every content asset.

Contently is a content marketing software that helps teams build and execute data-driven marketing strategies with the help of a global talent network. This platform is a great choice for businesses that lack the internal resources to execute certain aspects of their marketing plans and want to find top-tier freelancers. 

Even though Contently helps you connect with freelancers, the best thing about using this solution is its in-depth analytics. The solution enables you to understand how your audience interacts with your assets, enabling you to adjust your strategy based on data. 

Contently integrates with several apps, including WordPress, Drupal, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Contently offers customized pricing upon request. 

9. Outbrain - Attract more prospects with targeted content

Outbrain helps you expand the reach of your paid media.

Outbrain is a content distribution solution that enables you to put your sponsored content in front of a lot of prospects without breaking the bank. The software can help you increase the number of website visitors and to keep track of user interactions. 

One of the good things about this software is that it makes it easy to create contextually targeted marketing campaigns. There’s a good variety of audiences to choose from, so you can increase your chances of finding qualified prospects. 

Outbrain offers customized pricing upon request. 

10. Purple DS - Use personalized content to reduce churn

purple ds content distribution software screenshot
Content DS makes it easy to repurpose content across different social media channels.

Content DS is a content management and distribution solution that enables teams to repurpose content and share it on multiple channels. The software uses AI to speed up your publishing and distribution process. 

The highlight of using this solution is its ability to create personalized content. This feature helps you increase user engagement across your channels and reduce your churn rates. You can choose between three personalization options - offer recommendations based on previous user behavior, offer similar articles, or use collaborative filtering.

Purple DS integrates with multiple apps, including Firebase, Google Analytics, Quantcast, Piano, and Adobe Analytics. 

Purple DS offers customized pricing upon request. You can access a free demo. 

Other Options

Here are a few more that didn’t make the top list.

  1. Canvasflow - Mobile content publishing hub that helps you create and distribute interactive content to your target audience. 
  2. Edgar - Social media management solution that enables you to schedule posts on every popular social media channel at once. 
  3. BuzzSumo - Content distribution software that helps you understand what your audience is looking for, contact influencers, and track your marketing efforts. 
  4. Heretto - Content management software that helps you create content and publish on multiple channels from a central location. 
  5. Dynamicweb - Content management solution that enables you to operate multilingual sites and scale your content production. 
  6. Woodwing - Content management and distribution software that enables you to create workflows, review and approve assets, and optimize your publishing process. 
  7. DNN - Content distribution platform that helps you share your assets on websites, apps, and every social media network. 
  8. Hubert - Multi-channel publishing solution that uses AI and Machine Learning to improve your content management process. 

Improve your content marketing efforts with distribution software

Content distribution software helps you expand your reach by displaying the right assets in front of the right audience. By making it easier to publish content on multiple channels, these solutions allow you to increase brand awareness and connect with multiple user segments. 

As Shawn Byrne, Founder & CEO of My Biz Niche, a digital marketing company, said

“Providing your audiences with quality content gives both your prospects and customers a positive experience whenever they visit your website, social media pages or any digital platform you’re using for your campaign. That positive experience can reinforce their perception of your brand and keep them coming back to consume more of your content.”

Content distribution software can help you build a relationship with your audience. 

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