Indie Media Club

A community for online media entrepreneurs.

The Indie Media Club is a members’ club for media entrepreneurs passionate about great content and growing their audience.

Our goal is to foster a community to develop and share best practice, tips and tricks to publish better content, and grow our readership.

We’re defining and shaping the future of online media.

Join us on our journey to discover how to create better content, promote it, monetize it, and build successful online media businesses.

What we do:

The Club

For established media owners, we provide regular masterminds, and a forum to connect with fellow digital media and online publishing entrepreneurs.

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Content creators, marketers and tools share their, journey, process, tools, tips and tricks for developing content and growing readership.

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We’re offering a free training and mentorship initiative to help people new to digital media, build essential skills and find work in digital content roles.

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