10 Best SEO Tools For 2022

It’s a new year, and with it brings new contenders for our best SEO tools of 2022 compilation. There’s a vast array of tools you can leverage for search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. SEO tools cover a broad spectrum of software that’s designed to increase organic traffic to your website, rankings and visibility in search results.

What are SEO tools?

Website SEO tools are designed to help you improve your website’s code, content and reputation (backlinks) so that you rank higher in search results. Broadly speaking, SEO tools cover three areas – on page SEO, off page SEO, and technical SEO.

  • On page SEO tools
    • Keyword research
    • Content strategy development
    • Content brief planning
    • Content creation
    • Plagiarism checking
    • Content optimization
  • Off page SEO tools
    • Link building
    • Backlink tracking
    • Competitor intelligence
    • Rank tracking
    • Social media monitoring
    • PPC research
  • Technical SEO tools
    • Crawl
    • Indexing
    • Rendering & page speed
    • Website architecture

This is a big list that includes a ton of functionality – and some tools do it (nearly) all. But before we go diving into the best SEO tools, it’s worth considering what tools are really going to have the biggest impact on your search visibility in 2022. After all, that’s the whole point of improving your on site SEO – so that more people find your content organically, through search.

What’s going to have the biggest impact on your organic traffic? Your content! In 2022, yes load times are important, and backlinks still matter but more than ever, good, authentic, quality content will have the biggest impact on your search visibility.

So in this post we’re going to focus on the best SEO tools that help in the process of creating great content that ranks. We’re going to look primarily at the on page SEO tools.

10 Best SEO Tools

These are our pick of the best tools to help with your on-page SEO. These tools will help you plan and create content that ranks.

  1. Ahrefs – Best for keyword research
  2. SEMRush – Best value for money
  3. Moz Pro – Best built-in knowledge base
  4. Mangools KWFinder – Best for beginners
  5. Serpstat – Best for all-in-one tool
  6. Longtail Pro – Best for long tail keyword strategy
  7. Ubersuggest – Best free SEO tool
  8. SEOquake – Best free browser plugin
  9. Searchmetrics – Best for SEO consulting
  10. SpyFu – Best for competitors research

1. Ahrefs – Best for keyword research

Ahrefs brilliant keywords explorer tool.

I’ve been a paying customer of Ahrefs for more than 5 years. It’s expensive, but it’s been my go-to tool for keyword research because their interface helps you very quickly discover, build and create keyword and topic lists. Their keyword ranking reports and site audit tools are also pretty useful too. Ahrefs lets anyone feel like an SEO professional with simple search volume metrics, a keyword explorer, and SEO issues flagging.

Price: From $99/user/month

Free Trial: No. They do offer a paid trial for $7

2. SEMRush – Best value for money

SEMRush gives you a simple breakdown of keyword data.

Before I switched to Ahrefs, SEMRush was my go-to tool for keyword research. It’s great value for money as it includes a ton of functionality for the price. The downside is that it suffers a bit from feature bloat. For me, that makes the interface a bit too complicated with too many features. However, if you’re looking for a tool that does great site audits, keyword and topic research, competitive analysis, rank tracking, and a link-building workflow, it’s great!

Price: From $119.95/user/month

Free Trial: 7 days free trial

3. Moz Pro – Best built-in knowledge base

Moz Keyword Explorer results for keyword "link building"
Mox Pro generates new keyword recommendations based on your initial search.

Moz’s keyword research tool is great. Rather than just using Google Keyword Planner data, they also use their own data to provide keyword volume estimates. Their data filtering is powerful and in many ways it’s similar to Ahrefs – it’s just their interface just isn’t as good, keyword suggestions are limited, and they provide no trend data, which is an important feature as you want to develop content around trending topics.

Price: From $99/user/month

Free Trial: 7 days free trial

4. Mangools KWFinder – Best for beginners

Mangools KWFinder provides an intuitive breakdown of keyword stats.

Mangools offers a few different SEO and SERP ranking services but I’m going to focus on KWFinder here. KWFinder is an SEO tool that helps you find long tail keywords with relatively low SEO difficulty. That way, you are isolating keywords that you actually have a chance to rank for. It’s a super intuitive platform with a down-to-earth monthly fee, making it great for SEO newbs.

Price: $29.90/month

Free Trial: 10 days free trial

5. Serpstat – Best for all-in-one tool

Use Serpstat for position tracking, backlinks analysis, and keyword research.

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for keyword research, content marketing, and more. They are used by the likes of digital titans like Samsung, Shopify, and Uber. Key features include SERP historical data reports, backlink analysis, keyword research tools, site audit tools, and competitor research. They have a plugin available for Google Chrome to make SEO research even easier.

Price: $69/month

Free Trial: Free tool available

6. Longtail Pro – Best for long tail keyword strategy

Longtail Pro intertwines keyword research with competitor research.

Longtail Pro blends SEO tools and content relevance rankings to make sure you are always coming out on top when it comes to Google algorithm updates. Their platform focuses on long-tail keywords that you actually have a shot at ranking for. They also provide keyword grouping and filtering features, keyword competitiveness rankings, SERP analysis, and backlink analysis. (Tip: Try them for local SEO longtail keywords!)

Price: $297/year

Free Trial: 10 days money-back guarantee

7. Ubersuggest – Best free SEO tool

Ubersuggest has a free keyword tool to help you generate new ideas.

Ubersuggest is used by Nike, Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe, and eBay, so you know it’s worth its weight in gold. They have a free version that can visualize basic site data (authority, keywords, rank) and make keyword and SEO suggestions. You get 3 searches a day using the free version. Additional features can be unlocked with a paid plan, including things like an SEO training course, keyword tracking, content idea generation, and new/lost link reports.

Price: $29/month

Free Trial: 7 days free trial

8. SEOquake – Best free browser plugin

SEO Quake offers a browser plugin for keyword research on-the-go online.

A couple of the tools I’ve mentioned above have a browser plugin but SEOquake is one of the best, particularly if you’re looking for freemium apps. With them, you can conduct SEO audits on any page, examine internal and external links, compare domains and URLs of your choosing, and export your data for analysis or sharing.

Price: Free to use.

Free Trial: N/A

9. Searchmetrics – Best for SEO consulting

Searchmetrics helps visualize the health and growth of your content.

Searchmetrics has a ton of DIY tools you can jump into: search result performance, market research, content optimization, competitor tracking, website auditing, insights and reports—you name it. But where Searchmetrics really excels is their enterprise SEO options for SEO expert consulting services. If you’re feeling stuck, an SEO specialist can sit down with you and create a personalized plan for site building next steps. They can also provide an ongoing touch-point for SEO key performance indicators and digital marketing growth.

Price: $69/month

Free Trial: Request trial after demo.

10. SpyFu – Best for competitors research

SpyFu lives up to its name—giving you an inside peek into your competitors’ keyword strategies.

Plenty of tools offer competitor research but SpyFu takes it to another level. They have cracked the code on competitor research and can provide all the insights you need to see how the sausage gets made. They can serve up SEO and PPC data on top-ranking pages in your niche as well as your biggest competitors. With a simple search, you can see how you measure up to other sites, where they are spending in PPC ads, and what common or unique keywords they are leaning into.

Price: $33/month (annually)

Free Trial: 30 days money-back guarantee

Other SEO Tools

Below is a list that includes some up and coming tools and some old tools that I’m less familiar with. Each can help you with your SEO metrics and SEO strategy.

  • SeoClarity – Combines data, AI insights, and now automates execution.
  • Raventools – SEO and SEM tools with comprehensive competitor insights.
  • WebCEO – SEO and digital marketing tools for agency-level analysis.
  • Similarweb – Website traffic ranking and SEO insights; free SEO tools for 1 user.
  • Conductor – Organic content marketing platform with great tools for impact measurement.
  • SheerSEO – Online SEO software with an accurate, local rank tracker for Google, Bing, and YouTube.
  • SEO Site Checkup – SEO site audit that checks for proper tags, backlink quality, and more.
  • SEOptimer – Free website analysis for SEO audits and associated reporting.
  • SE Ranking – All-in-one SEO software with country/city/region-level tracking and reporting.
  • Keyword Tool – Build an easy and useful keyword list using the system behind Google autocomplete.
  • Majestic – Find out the quantity and quality of third-party sites that link back to your website as an authority.
  • BrightEdge – Real-time SEO research tools for marketers interested in the entire customer journey.
  • Woorank – Website optimization, an SEO score, and actionable SEO insights to grow your site.
  • Google Analytics – Free website analytics that can be used for content strategy and marketing.
  • Yoast SEO – SEO plugin for WordPress with built-in SEO tips, tricks, and optimizations.
  • Google Trends – Watch how Google keywords trends shift across the months or years.
  • Google Ads – Monitor PPC spend on Google adwords you want to rank for in the Google ad section at the top of the SERP page.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool – Performance data and SEO insights about your website.

Best SEO Audit Tools

Here are some additional SEO audit tools you can check out.

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider – Website crawler for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu for technical SEO site audits.
  • GTmetrix – See how your site performs, reveal why it’s slow and discover optimization opportunities.
  • Oncrawl – Leverage 600+ indicators, advanced data exploration and actionable dashboards to analyze your site.
  • Deepcrawl – Technical SEO platform used to detect critical improvements needed on your website.

Best Keyword Research & Planning Tools

Need more keyword research and planning tools? Try these!

  • Google Keyword Planner – Keyword Planner will give you suggested bid estimates for each keyword, so you can determine your advertising budget
  • Ahrefs Keyword Generator – Find relevant keywords from their database of over 8 billion queries.
  • Answer the Public – Tap into autocomplete data from search engines to find phrases & questions people are asking around your keyword

Best Backlink Checking Tools

Try these backlink checking tools to boost your SERP ranking and domain authority.

  • LinkMiner – Evaluate the SEO power of your backlinks using well-established metrics such as Citation Flow & Trust Flow.
  • OpenLinkProfiler – Analyze the links of any website for free.
  • Linkody – Easily manage all your links and domains in one place.
  • Ahrefs Site Explorer – In-depth look at the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL.

Best Technical SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console – Use Core Web Vitals report to see how your pages perform based on real world usage data.
  • Uptime – Trusted by thousands of websites to monitor downtime, performance, and domain health.
  • Google Structured Data Testing Tool – Test to see which Google rich results can be generated by the structured data on your page.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights – Get your PageSpeed score and use PageSpeed suggestions to make your website faster through our online tool.
  • GTMetrix – See how your site performs, reveal why it’s slow and discover optimization opportunities.
  • Screaming Frog Log File Analyser – Upload your log files, verify search engine bots, identify crawled URLs and analyze search bot data.

What do you think of these SEO tools?

Do you use any of the SEO tools listed above? Do you think there is something that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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