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When you start to think about how to get your podcast out into the world, you may not be thinking about podcast media kit samples, but you really should. You didn’t start your first podcast just to tickle your own fancy, but because you believe you had a message to share with your audience.

Being a content creator isn’t enough; you also have to be a marketer. There is hope, though: You don’t have to be the greatest marketer ever, you just have to put together an intentional, well-thought-out podcast media kit.

I’ll cover:

What Is a Podcast Media Kit?

A podcast media kit is a bundle of information that you can share with potential listeners, journalists, and sponsors to garner interest in your podcast. Getting your message and podcast out into the world is critical if you believe your podcast is worth a listen. A great podcast media kit showcases what you and your podcast have to offer your audience and any potential sponsors or partners.

Media kits are excellent tools for brands in any media space. From magazines to news organizations to entrepreneurs to influencers, media kits help distribute their message. In this article, though, we are going to focus specifically on how to create a media kit for a podcast, and I’ll provide five samples for inspiration.

Media kit vs. press kit

There are differences between a press kit and a media kit, though they are both intended to easily share information about your podcast. A press kit targets journalists specifically, so they can create a press release about your podcast. The goal of a media kit, on the other hand, is to help you generate revenue by showcasing your marketing opportunities and to grow your listener base. 

If you’d like to take a look at some press kits as a case study, here are three examples of podcast press kits with exceptional download numbers:

Steps To Create Your Podcast Media Kit

If you’ve decided your podcast needs a media kit, then this is where to start. Here are a few steps to take to get started on crafting your own podcast media kit.

1. Gather relevant metrics

The goal of your media press kit is to accurately represent your podcast and showcase what makes your particular podcast branding unique. This could include the following, but feel free to add or subtract based on what makes sense for your podcast:

  • An introduction that includes your podcast’s title, website link, release schedule, and cover art.
  • An elevator pitch of your podcast and the intended impact of your show.
  • A description of your target audience.
  • Personal biographies for you and your co-hosts (if applicable)
  • Highlights of significant guests, popular podcast episodes, and reviews/testimonials.
  • Make sure to include any RSS feed or homepage links as well, and it would be a good idea to include a Spotify link so it is easily accessible.
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2. Organize relevant information and images

Aside from information about your podcast, you are going to want to include data to show why someone would want to work with you or market to your audience. You need to include metrics that highlight your strengths. Here are a few examples to include:

  • Number of episodes
  • Number of downloads per episode or month
  • Highlight your most popular episodes
  • Number of subscribers
  • Devices/apps used by your listeners
  • Social media statistics
  • Demographics of your audience including age, geographical location, etc.

Next, build out a website portfolio showcasing your social media accounts for all major platforms you use. These will come in handy for those who focus on social channels, knowing that there is an opportunity to reach a new audience as well as integrate with an existing marketing channel.

Finally, your media kit will need some images. Collect high-quality images that you would like to include in your podcast:

  • Your logo
  • Your podcast artwork
  • An action shot of recording
  • Headshots of you and any co-hosts

Don’t forget to leave space for your email, phone number, and any other contact information so potential partners can reach you.

3. Advertising options

In your podcast media kit, you should also include information about the advertising options you offer, including a pricing structure. This allows those you share your podcast media kit with all the necessary information to make a decision right away. 

The following are some examples of advertising options to consider and include:

  • Sponsorships and partnerships
  • Spotlights
  • Guest features

4. Build your kit

Once you have all the content collected, you are ready to start building. The next big decision to consider is how you would like your media kit to be formatted. Some popular formats are as follows:

  • PDF
  • Website
  • PowerPoint or Google Slides

These formats are all easy to share, so the decision here may come down to your personal preference and comfort level with the format. To get started, you may also consider using a podcast media kit template. These are available for purchase, or even for free, from many sources online.

5. Share and update

Once your kit is built, you need to share your media kit. This is the most important step to help get your content out into the world. Just make sure to keep it updated, too.

Now that you have your media kit ready to go, you can share it with potential advertisers, local media outlets, potential guests, and other podcasts that you would consider being a guest on. Don’t forget to share your media kit on all of your social channels as well as on your main website so it is easily accessible.

As your podcast grows, you need to keep your media kit up to date. If you gain subscribers, update! If you have more downloads, update! If you’ve changed your artwork, gotten a drastic haircut, or featured a popular guest on an episode, update! You want to show off, so make sure your media kit reflects all your progress and growth over time.

Examples of Podcast Media Kits

If you’re considering making a media kit for your podcast, you should look at some examples from popular podcasts or podcasts within your genre.

5 podcast media kit samples

Podcast media kits can vary greatly in appearance, but all effective media kits will contain generally the same information. Here are five podcast media kit examples to provide inspiration for your own podcast media kit.

1. Podcast Brunch Club Media Kit 

podcast brunch club media kit screenshot
The about section of Podcast Brunch Club’s media kit.

The Podcast Brunch Club podcast has a great example of a podcast media kit. It is a PDF with tons of great and relevant information for those who might want to advertise with them. Their media kit includes a list of positive press received from influencers as well as from traditional news outlets.

2. American Fashion Podcast Media Kit 

american fashion podcast media kit screenshot
American Fashion provides a detailed outline of their audience in their media kit.

The American Fashion Podcast has its media kit set up using a webpage for simple and easy access. It uses a minimalist design incorporating all the crucial elements of a media kit, but they excel at contextualizing the metrics they present to possible advertisers.

3. Mixed Company Podcast Media Kit

mixed company podcast media kit screenshot
An example page from Mixed Company’s media kit.

The Mixed Company Podcast has a beautiful PDF media kit that really shines because of its use of an engaging design that incorporates images, graphics, and other elements to show off the podcast’s story and highlight its accomplishments.

4. Big Fat Positive Podcast Media Kit

big fat positive podcast media kit screenshot
The About section of Big Fat Positive’s media kit.

The Big Fat Positive podcast has created a slide deck that has been saved as a PDF which is simple to use. Their media kit clearly outlines advertising options and includes sample audio of actual ads from the podcast.

5. Podcast Junkies Media Kit

podcast junkies media kit screenshot
Podcast Junkies uses social media posts as social proof in their media kit.

The Podcast Junkies Podcast has a webpage with a simple, clean layout. They excel at displaying data about the podcast’s audience and social media following using easily digestible graphics. They also highlight the benefits of using a webpage with some great testimonials included right alongside links to their social channels.

Why Create a Podcast Media Kit?

The main purpose of a podcast media kit is to market your podcast in an easily digestible way. It's a way for your audience to learn everything they need to about your podcast quickly and easily.

Podcast media kits are intended to accomplish a few goals:

  1. They help your audience find and share your podcast.
  2. They showcase what makes your podcast unique.
  3. They provide journalists with key information and metrics about your podcast.
  4. They connect with sponsors and advertisers by capturing your podcast elevator pitch.

These are some specific scenarios in which a media kit is useful:

  • A listener, who also happens to be an influencer, wants to promote your podcast on their social media platform. Your media kit provides your brand story and images the listener could use for a social media post.
  • A journalist is including your podcast in a blog about up-and-coming podcasters in your genre. Your media kit provides all the information required for a blog post.
  • You’re looking for sponsors and partners for your podcast. You can share your media kit with potential sponsors and partners to gain their interest in working with you.

The best part? All of this could happen without you even realizing it because you have your media kit doing the heavy lifting for you! Instead of having to look for information and share bits and pieces as requested, your media kit can provide comprehensive and up-to-date information in these scenarios and others.

Grab a Free Podcast Media Kit Template Here

Podcast media kits come in many shapes and sizes. This article has given you a starting point to know how to approach your media kit, what to include, and how others have designed their kits. 

However, you may still find yourself overwhelmed with options. Downloading a template provides a blueprint that reduces the number of decisions you’ll need to make. It is also a way to be sure you are accounting for all the ideas and information that you should include.

Get started on your podcast media kit now. Download Indie Media Club’s free media kit template here.

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