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So you're making a media kit, and you want to see some examples of the best media kits around? We've got you covered!

In this guide to the best media kit examples, you'll discover media kits from the world's biggest publishing companies as well as some smaller publishers, influencers, and bloggers. Here's what you're going to find in this post:

You're probably doing all this research because you want to create your own media kit, so be sure to check out our post on how to create a media kit too - it's full of media kit examples, and a free downloadable media kit template.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a showcase of your brand and catalog of the media space or inventory you've got available for sale to advertisers.

Want to know more? Check out our post on What is a media kit? (And what goes in it?)

What makes a good media kit?

Before we dive into our list of the best media kits around, it's worth considering what makes a media kit good or bad.

The purpose of a media kit is to make a sale - so we're looking for media kits that showcase what they offer well and make it easy to make a sale. Ultimately the best media kits reduce the friction of the sales process and make it easier to sell your inventory. Here are a few things to think about from the best media kits:

  1. They provide clarity on what they offer 
  2. They have a range of options, offerings, and pricing
  3. They know the value they can provide
  4. They clearly can communicate their value
  5. Their media kit looks good 
  6. They leave the advertiser wanting to find out more 
  7. They provide a clear and easy next step 

For more on what makes a good media kit, check out our post on how to make a media kit.

21 best media kit examples for 2023

In this list, we're sharing some of the best examples of media kits from both big online publishers and smaller, more boutique niche publishers. It's worth looking at them to get inspiration for the inventory you could offer, as well as their design and presentation.

You'll see that they contain many of the best practices for media kits that we've written about above.

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Best media kits examples from large online publishers

It's worth taking a look at these high-quality media kits from some of the world's largest publishers to get an idea of the inventory they sell, their pricing, and how they present their offering in terms of reach and impact.

We've included links to their advertising pages so you can follow the flow to download the kit yourself or simply download the media kit examples in our resource pack.

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1. Fast Company media kit example  

Screenshot Of Media Kit Example From Fast Company
This well-designed media kit example from Fast Company showcases their reach and upcoming editorial calendar.

2. Inc example media kit and rate card

Screenshot Of Media Kit Example From INC
This media kit example from Inc includes their editorial calendar and advertising rates

3. Entrepreneur sample media kit

Screenshot Of Media Kit Example From Entreprenuer
This well designed media kit example from Entrepreneur humanizes their brand with collaborator stories.
Screenshot Of Media Kit Example From Digital Trends
This sample media kit from Digital Trends showcases not only their reach but also the impact and the ROI they can provide to advertisers.

Other media kits from large publishers

The Economist media kit
The Economist has an entire site which serves as their media kit.
Forbes media kit rate card
Forbes doesn't have a downloadable media kit but supply rate cards and editorial calendars for publication
Glamour media kit and rate card
Glamour has media kits for all their markets which you can download from their site - this simple media kit showcases their rate card and key metrics
People Magazine's media kit and rate card
People Magazine's media kit and rate card
New York Times have an entire advertising site to showcase their inventory and advertising opportunities and rates
New York Times have an entire advertising site to showcase their inventory and advertising opportunities and rates
conde nast media kit example
Condé Nast Traveller provide media kits for all regions complete with rate cards
  • Men's Health media kit
  • Harper bazaar media kit
  • LA Times media kit
  • Times magazine media kit
  • Spotify media kit
  • Architectural Digest media kit
  • WSJ Magazine media kit
  • Esquire media kit
  • Refinery29 media kit
  • Women's health media kit
  • Better homes and Gardens media kit
  • Rolling stone media kit
  • Sports Illustrated media kit
  • Fast company media kit
  • Bloomberg media kit
  • New Yorker media kit
  • Huffington post media kit

Best example media kits from smaller publishers and bloggers

If you're a smaller publisher, blogger or influencer, you will find these best media kit examples more relevant.  

5. Daily Hive media kit example

This well designed media kit example from Daily Hive beautifully illustrates their reach and audience statistics.

6. Digiday media kit example

This media kit example from Digiday showcases some great case study examples.

7. Moving2Canada media kit example

This sample media kit from Moving2Canada showcases beautiful design, clear graphics and great showcasing of their reach with interesting stats.

8. Gear Junkie media kit example

This example media kit from Gear Junkie clearly showcases their reach, audience insights, brand partners and easy to buy media packages and custom project opportunities.

 9. Visual Capitalist media kit example

The Visual Capitalist's media kit is a great example of high quality design to illustrate their audience reach and growth.

10. The College Investor media kit example

This media kit example from The College Investor shows their key audience metrics

Download the complete pack of example media kits

We've made it super easy for you to get all these media kits examples so you can review all of them in detail

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Media kit template (free download)

If you want to speed up the process of making a media kit, check out this media kit template. 

The great thing about developing your media kit in PowerPoint or Google Slides is that it makes it very quick and easy to update pricing and information prior to sharing with potential partners and advertisers.

Download our free media kit template

Snag instant access to our easy-to-use media kit template with PowerPoint and Google Slides for you to adapt and reuse.

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Alternatively, if you want something more like an influencer media kit template, check out these from Canva. 

What do you think?

Got any tips or tricks to share? Have you got a media kit? Share it in the comments below! Tell us what creative inventory you've come up with and what's working for you in selling to brands and marketers.

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